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For appointment call: Bill Ressl, LCSW (708-323-8212) or Penny Taylor, LCSW (708-323-8722)

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The Renovatio Institute is dedicated to the renewal of life-enriching human functioning. We strive to encourage all to live into the Latin meaning of Renovatio, “a total rebirth” that is a renewal of functioning in the parts of the personality that are in need of healing and strengthening. At various times in life we can feel like we are living as mere shadows of our actual self, consultations at the Renovatio Institute are designed to assist in the movement towards a more optimal personality and relational functionality through an integrative use of modalities: Bowen Family Systems Theory; a Neo-Jungian psychoanalytic interpretation of archetypal energies; and, a holistic approach to explore the systematic nature of the worlds we exist within.


Appointments are required. We are located in the western suburbs of Chicago.

For a Mental Health Emergency call your Emergency Response Team,

in many areas dial 911, or look in your phonebook

for your local community mental health center emergency number.


William G. Ressl, MDiv, MSW, PhD, LCSW

Call for an appointment: 708-323-8212


Penny L. Taylor, MDiv, MSW, PhD, LCSW

Call for an appointment: 708-323-8722

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